Sanfebagar Municipality -10, Achham , Nepal 097-590000

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Department of Electricity Development

Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project


Salient Features

S. N. Features Description
1 Location SanfeBagar Municipality and Mellekh rural Municipality of Achham and Budhi Ganga Municipality of Bajura, District
2 Type of Project Peaking Run-of-River
3 Hydrology  
  Catchment area (Dam axis) 1075 km2
  90% dependable flow 0.9m3/s
  Average annual flow 53.04 m3/s
  Q40 of river 25.71 m3/s
  Design Flood for Spillway (1000 years) 3900 m3/s
  Design flood (100 years) for Stilling basin 2700 m3/s
  PMF 5100 m3/s
4 Reservoir Simulation  
  Design flow (based on reservoir simualtion) 26 m3/sec
5 Geology Mostly dominated by Augen Gneiss
6 Head  
  Gross 94.83 m
  Net 86.95 m
7 Dam  
  Dam Type & Size Conventional Concrete Gravity
86m x 44m (L x H) with 8.35m top width
  Spillway 3 Nos. @8m x 12.50m x (W x H)
  Under sluice Size Single Bay, 4m x 12.5m (W x H)
  Intake Type, Nos. & Size Side Intake, 2 no. 4.8 m (W) X 6.4 m (H)
  Flood Level at 100 Year (Gates open) El.715 masl (Gates opening 6.5m)
  Flood Level at 1000 Year Flood El.720 masl (Gates opening 8.5m)
  Flood Level at Check Flood El. 721 masl (all gates fully opened)
8 Settling Basin  
  Type Closed, Surface, Dufour Type, Double Chamber
  No. of Chambers 2
  Size 92 m (L) x 12 m (W) x 13 m (H)
  Flushing system Conventional type
9 Peaking Pond  
  Full Supply Level (FSL) 718
  Minimum Operating Level (MOL) 712
  Storage at FSL 1.05 MCM
  Length of reservoir 2.06km
  Storage area at FSL 0.12km2
10 Tunnel  
  Feeder Tunnels  
  Number and Size 2 No. @ 92m and 109.5 m with 2.5m dia.
  Headrace Tunnels  
  Length 5.5602 km
  Size 4.77 m excavated diameter, D-shape
    4.0 m finished diameter
  Lining Concrete lining throughout the length
11 Surge Shaft  
  Type Restricted Orifice type, underground
  Size 53.35m (H) x 7.5 m (F)
  Maximum Upsurge (Zmax) 734.50 masl
  Minimum Down surge (Zmin) 694.31 masl
12 Penstock  
  Type Covered and exposed
  Size 182.80 m (L), 2.8 m (F)
  thickness 10 to 20 mm
13 Powerhouse  
  Type Surface
  Size 39.7 m (L) x 14.8 m (B) x 26.30 m (H)
14 Tailrace Channel Box culvert type 69.9m (L) x 4.45 m (B) x 3.00 m (H) with free board and cover
15 Turbine  
  Type, Orientation Francis, Horizontal Axis
  No. of Units 2Nos.
  Unit Capacity 10 MW
16 Generator  
  Type & Number 3 Phase Synchronous AC, 2 Nos.
  Unit Capacity 12.93 MVA
17 Installed Capacity 20 MW
18 Annual Energy Generation 109.61 GWh
  Dry Energy 33.54 GWh
  Wet Energy 76.07 GWh
19 Financial Indicators  
  Total Project Cost Including Transmission Line NRs. 10334059130
  Total Project Cost excluding Transmission Line NRS. 6369283055
  Net Present Value (NVP) @ 2.56% MNRs.1463.76
  Internal Rate of Return 11.13%
  EIRR 9.54%
  DSCR 1.83
  Project Payback period (simple) 9.54 years
  Cost per MW (excluding Transmission Line) NRS.318464152.77
20 Transmission Line  
  Length 84.3 km
  Voltage/circuit 132 kV/double circuit
21 Substations  
  Number 3
  Locations One at Thapagaon (near Powerhouse)
    One at Chapartola
    One at Pahalmanpur (bay extension)

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