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Program & Progress

1.Access Road to Power House (765 m)
Contractor : Amar Construction

  • Construction of Gravel road completed
  • Supplementary works to be completed
  • Final Extended Time is also over

2. Bridge and Access Road
Contractor : Himsagarmatha/Shreegita/Shyamsundar JV
Contract Period : 2073/04/19-2075/04/19 (2 year)

A. Bridge

  • Excavation of trech for Right Abutment Foundation is ongoing

B. Acess Road to Surge tank

  • About 500m Track has been opened
  • Work stopped due to local interference

C. Acess Road to Dam site

  • Track opening of road is completed
  • Almost 70% gabion structure has been installed

3. Office Building And Other Facilities
Contractor : BKOI Builders
Contract Period : 04 Chaitra 2072 to 04 Asoj 2074 (18 months )

A. Office building

  • Major structure work completed
  • Plastering ongoing

B. Guest House

  • Columns of ground floor completed

C. Guard House

  • Columns of ground floor and DPC completed

4. Land Acquisition for Doti substation

  • Notice for acquisition published at site
  • Preliminary Data collected
  • Priliminary Report Preparation ongoing



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